The work on Tales of the Void continues

I’ve started to do some serious work on the upcomming SciFi RPG, Yales of the Void, I’ve reworked the rules mechanic and changed to character Creation process to match it. It also has a new look and more illustrations:)

The Equipment chapter is finished, and the Starship Construction and combat rules are also finished.

Starships are an important feature of the setting, so I’ve put a lot of my energy on that area. The player characters will start with their own ship at the end of the character creation process:)



Back from the Void!

Hello everyone, long time no see…

Sorry for my absence, but I have had a lot of problems on a personal level which has prevented me from getting any work done.

Now that things have settled a bit I’ve started to write again.

My comeback was in the form of a hack of The Black Hack, called Monsters & Heroes.

Now I have even greater news, I finally finished the Dungeon Questing Companion!

A PDF version is available right now on drivethurpg and a print version is on the way once I have made sure that any errors detected are fixed:)

The Companion adresses issues with weapon damage, so an updated weapons list, presenting two different options, an expanded version with bigger variance in the damage and a simplified version Dividing the weapons into light, medium and heavy.

A talent system is introduced to emulate class abilities and for those who still want classes and level I’ve re-made the classes presented in the Appendix of the core rules and added several new classes – now you can play Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Magic-User, Paladin, Ranger and
Thief, and you can even play it B/X style with racial classes – Dwarf, Elf and Halfling!

6 new spells, 47 new monsters, 7 revised monsters to adress the level draining issue of the core rules.

I’ve also added encounter tables for dungeons and brought back the old White box treasure tables for those of you who want a more detailed list of treasures:)

132 pages…

Here’s the link to the PDF:

The Dungeon Questing Companion

The Dark Sagas Hardcover is Here!

The DS hardcover arrived today and I’m pleased with the result for this version as well, so I’m approving it for distribution!
While I’m Writing on Tales of the Void I’ve been looking at a few Sci Fi games for inspiration: Whitestar, Stars Without Number, Traveller, X-plorers, Machinations of the Space Princess, Savage Worlds Sci Fi companion, Coriolis, Hulks & Horrors and Rogue Space to name a few.
I’ve also been using Hexographer a lot for star sector mapping. The overview map of the known space and five of the 16 sectors are finished.
Psychic Powers and Sector/World Generation is on the top of my priority list right now.

Introducing the Tales of the Void Classes

Here’s a summary of the classes in Tales of the Void (beware though: since the game is under development things might change in the final version):
The fighter is a universal term for those men and women who make a living from their martial capabilities. Bodyguards, commandos, marines, mercenaries and soldiers are all representatives of the Fighter class.
The key characteristic of the Fighter is that they are the best class when it comes to combat; no other class is close when it’s time to solve your problems by using violence.
The Scientist/Tech is a broad term for educated professional characters working with science and technology. Characters belonging to this class can be computer specialists, engineers, physicians, researchers, scientists and technicians.
The key characteristics of the Scientist/Tech is education, scientific and technical skill; they have both practical and theoretical skills to do research, build and repair things, and solving problems with logic.
The Scout is a jack-of-all-trades; they are capable adventurers, ready to face anything that comes in their way. They can bounty hunters, explorers, pilots, rogues, scoundrels and spies.
The key characteristic of the Scout is versatility, the have many paths to choose from when it comes to character development.
The Psychic is a unique class in that they have access to psychic powers; something no other class has access to. Where the Fighter excels at combat, the Scientist/Tech at knowledge and the Scout at versatility, the Psychic is all about the using of their powers to help them accomplish their goals.

The PDF version of Dark Sagas is finished!

The PDF version of Dark Sagas is now available on DrivethruRPG!

If you’ve already bought a previous version you will get the new version for free. For those of you who haven’t bought it but are considering to buy it, the price is a meager 3,99 dollars.

I’m waiting a bit to make the print versions available, just to be sure that I haven’t missed anything, it’s fairly easy to update the PDF, updating the print versions requires ordering proof copies and after getting the proof copies I have to approve it before it can be distributed via Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Adlibris (ordering it directly from Lulu can be done without approval, but then the prints aren’t guaranteed to be of the right quality as I haven’t received the proof copies yet).

You can notify me here if you find any errors.

Have a good day!


Link to the Dark Sagas PDF